What I write

I write (urban) fantasy, sci-fi, sapphic paranormal romance, and horror. I've mostly been focused on PNR in terms of books, and more fantasy slanted web serials.

My main characters tend to reflect aspects of myself I don't see often in media: black (mainly black Americans), nonbinary lesbians, neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, but also OCD and bipolar), aplatonic aros and aces, etc. I'm also quite fond of vampires, shifters, and magic. My upcoming book has quite a bit of all of the above.

My sci-fi is definitely more cyberpunk and/or futuristic, often times with some Lovecraftian horror in the mix. I really hope to take a break from romance to finish fleshing out a story I started early 2022: an aromantic PI with cool eye augments, who helps a woman find her missing sister.

Other than that, I have another story about a pair of black vampires who are just trying to settle down after dodging an ancient for the past few decades (breakup gone wrong), and then an urban fantasy focused on werecats.

I also have a silly isekai type story based on a hole at work (the kind we joked about falling through).

There's more, but I want to tackle these others first.

Where to find my work:

Thanks for sticking around! My books are available on multiple platforms, including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc. The web serials are available through Amazon, Laterpress, and Neovel.

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